MSA (Music Security Administration)
with Walter Dahn and Dirk Bell, 1994-96

msa mark eitzel american music club western sky 720
Western Sky (American Music CLub, 1988), 1996.

MSA-BumperValueJotter_PalaceBros Cinematographer640
I Am a Cinematographer (Palace Brothers, 1994), 1995.

Seeing, hearing and reading at once. MSA’s lyrical works paint an alternate history of America. Lyrics and handwriting act as captions for images they inspire in the minds of those observing MSA drawings and paintings. As such MSA is a kindred contemporary spirit for the FSA (Farm Security Administration), that Great Depression era agency mandated to rekindle cultural production during its historically challenging time.

msa Country_MSA1996
Country, 1995.

msa junior parker 1953 mystery train 720
Mystery Train (Junior Parker, 1953), 1994.

msa my baby left me 720
My Baby Left Me (Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup, 1950), 1994.

Growing Up and Coming Down, Jörn Bötnagel Projects, Cologne, 1995.


MSA growing up and coming down 00




MSA growing up and coming down 04

msa paint a different color on your front door gram parsons
Paint a Different Color on Your Front Door (A Song for You, Gram Parsons, 1973), 1994

msa Kunstforum-CoolClubCultures-MSA-1997-02
Cool Club Culture, Kunstforum 135, 1997, review.

BUMPER VALUE JOTTER, Kunstverein Ausbsburg, Germany, 1995, catalog [PDF view download]