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Philip Pocock introduces the net-work A Description of the Equator and Some Øtherlands produced by documenta X, on Day 63, 100 Days 100 Guests, Kassel, 1997. Another net-work Arctic Circle was also invited and shown at dX.

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“Among the projects that set out to establish a connection between the virtual and offline world was A Description of the Equator and Some Other Lands (http://king.dom.de/equator) –an experimental, word-based, film-related project presented in a travel-as-art loop.

The project was created by Philip Pocock and Felix Stephan Huber (whose previous works Arctic Circle and Tropic of Cancer also combined offline with virtual travel) in collaboration with Florian Wenz and Udo Noll. Like its two predecessors, “OtherLands” is both a journey into virtual reality–a symbolic exchange between authors and users over the network–and in physical space (this time to Entebbe in East Africa and other geographic destinations). The project comprises a series of digital hypermovies that are updated on a daily basis and was partially scripted and completely edited by thousands of visitors to the website and to the exhibition space at documenta in Kassel. The (traveling) authors uploaded scenes from their lives, private or fictional. Visitors navigating the site left their traces by adding, inserting or commenting on a script; words were filtered through database queries installed on the computer, vaulting the users into the screenplay and into their new roles as a global, collaborative group of auteurs. In “OtherLands,” the doubling of the travel motif becomes a stylistic device in the attempt to create a world of “legible bodies” online.

Christiane Paul, 1998

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documenta X, Documenta Hall, Kassel, 1997. (Also screened for the duration of the show in a movie theater vitrine in the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) as part of dX ‘Passage’ program.